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Being a family owned and operated business gives our company a distinct advantage over our competition with having all of our plumbing projects completed in-house and at the behest of our customers. We pride ourselves on our excellent communication both internally with our staff & plumbers as well as externally, with our clients, city officials, suppliers/manufacturers, and any other parties involved in the plumbing endeavors we are enlisted to oversee. Since the day we opened our doors and began offering our world-class plumbing services to the public, we've never deviated from the principles that we were founded on - honesty, integrity, affordability, and reliability! We have been proven to excel where other plumbing contractors or plumbing companies have failed in the past because we implement proven strategies and innovative techniques for our plumbing services, including repairs, installations, and system designs.

Meet The 525 Plumbing Services Team

Proud To Be Family Owned - Family Operated


Michael Franklin

Founder • Owner • Master Plumber

Fed up with people settling for working for companies that did not operate on the same moral ground and with the same work ethic, Michael and wife, Mary Franklin decided to take the chance and establish a company that took pride in every job and treated people the way they would want to be treated; 525 Plumbing Services was born.

Mary Franklin

Co-Owner • Operator • H.R.

Before starting 525 Plumbing Mary Franklin worked in Washington D.C. in Bilingual Education. After years of traveling across the country and dealing with government politics, she decided to support her husband, Michael’s dream of establishing his own plumbing company. Mary Franklin is where 525 Plumbing Service’s customer service begins.

Nicholas Franklin

Consultant • Advisor

FNicholas, son of Michael and Mary Franklin, graduated from The University of Georgia like his sister. He has a degree in International Affairs and is now pursuing a career in Washington D.C. Following family tradition, Nicholas worked alongside his father during his school years. He understands the value of putting your heart and soul in whatever you do and his motto is that if you want to succeed you never settle for mediocre.

Stephanie Sanchez

Master Plumber • Co-Owner

Stephanie, daughter of Michael and Mary Franklin, graduated from The University of Georgia with a psychology degree and has now decided to go into the family business. Working with her father in the field had always been a rewarding experience for her because “for this family, plumbing is more than just dealing with people’s plumbing problems. It’s about taking a problem and figuring out the best, most intelligent solution. It’s about being able to look back and see what you were able to accomplish that day.”

Carl Sanchez

Co-Owner • Operator

Carl, Michael’s son in law and husband of Stephanie, graduated from Central Michigan University with a degree in management. Working as a general manager in retail for 6 years (prior to starting his apprenticeship in plumbing) taught Carl everything there is to know about providing excellent customer service. When the opportunity arose to join the family plumbing business Carl was eager to accept this new challenge and contribute to 525 Plumbing Services in any way possible.

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